Open and thank you letter to Mr. Ivan Gašparovič, President, and Mr. Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovak Republic, regarding the citizenship and loyalty of hungarian minority

Open letter to

Mr. Ivan Gašparovič
President of the Slovak Republic


Mr. Robert Fico,
Prime Minister of Slovak Republic


I would like to take this opportunity to warmly salute the reaction of the Republic of Slovakia towards the revisionist gestures initiated by the new leader of the Hungarian Government, Mr. Viktor Orban. The way you choose to react, as the leaders of the Republic of Slovakia, honors you and forces me to appreciate the national dignity promoted by Slovakia by adopting the new citizenship law as a reaction to the citizenship law initiated by the Hungarian Government lead by Viktor Orban.

It is obvious that the gesture of Hungarian Government to give Hungarian citizenship to all Hungarian abroad is provocative, confirming the revisionist spirit the governs the Orban cabinet and it is meant to revive the illusion of “Greater Hungary” that would incorporate a part of Romania and Slovakia as well as a part of former Yugoslavia.

Unfortunately, although the share of the Hungarian community in Romania is only 6.5%, compared with almost 10% in Slovakia, the Romanian political class is totally subdued to Hungarian revisionist interests. Romania had no reaction towards the gesture of the Republic of Hungary. Moreover, the Hungarians in Romania benefit from true privileges that no community of Romanians from abroad benefit from.

In Romania, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), as a political representative of the Hungarian community in Romania, is a member in the Romanian government for almost 20 years. The Hungarian community from Romania benefits from dozens of government positions, positions of deputies and senators in the Romanian Parliament, schools, newspapers, television all in Hungarian, mayors and presidents of county councils democratically elected based only on the membership to the Hungarian ethnicity. Right in the center of Romania, in the two counties where Hungarians have a share of over 75% of the population the Hungarian revisionist actions are tolerated and even funded with hundreds of thousands of Euros annually. Romanian Constitution and laws that govern Romania are being violated repeatedly by local elected Hungarian officials without any disturbance from a Romanian authority.

Gentlemen, in central Romania, in the two counties where 75% of the population are ethnic Hungarians, the Romanians are obliged to listen to headphones the local council meetings which are held in Hungarian and are being translated in Romanian. Moreover, I have proven in the past tow years, in three different cases, that in these two counties the Hungarians are discriminating the Romanians, in Romania. This also proves the violent ethnic cleansing lead by Hungarians against Romanians right in the center of Romania.

Your gesture and attitude towards Hungarian revisionism pleases a vast part of the citizens of Romania, which are sick and tired of the Romanian political class, a political class of traitors silenced when facing the Hungarian revisionist challenges. The way you choose to answer to the Hungarian irredentist challenges is admirable, no matter its motivations, and is a living proof of the admirable character of Slovak people.

Dan Tanasa, Romanian citizen

02 June 2010

Madrid, Spain


Victor Roncea, roman


Vezi si: Dan Tanasa – Contribuabilul tupeist: SLOVACIA ARE DEMNITATE NATIONALA. Slovacia ii da cu flit premierului Ungariei, revizionistul Viktor Orban. Vreti cetatenie ungara, plecati in Ungaria!

Mr. Ivan Gašparovič
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  1. Dan Tanasa says:

    Multumesc mult Victor!

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