Alfred Moses: Sub administraţia Obama, relaţiile România – SUA se vor răci. Ramane de vazut. Moses sustine relatia Obama – Israel. Unii contesta

Barack Obama nu este interesat de zona Mării Negre. Declaraţia a fost făcută de fostul ambasador al Statelor Unite în România, Alfred Moses. Diplomatul mai crede că relaţiile dintre România şi SUA nu vor mai fi la fel de apropiate ca în perioada administraţiei Bush. Fostul ambasador al Statelor Unite în România, Alfred Moses (foto stanga-dreapta), susţine că zona Mării Negre nu va fi o prioritate a administraţiei Obama. El susţine că spre deosebire de George W. Bush, din echipa lui Obama nu va face parte niciun specialist în această zonă.
“Europa nu va fi în atenţia sa în mod special. Administraţia Obama se va concentra pe Orientul Mijlociu, pe Iran, pe Afganistan, pe China. (…) Zona Mării Negre nu va fi însă o prioritate a administraţiei Obama. Din cunoştinţele mele, Barack Obama nu a fost niciodată în vizită în estul Europei”, a declarat Moses. Diplomatul american crede că relaţiile dintre România şi Statele Unite se vor schimba în timpul administraţiei Obama: “Nu cred că Obama va avea aceleaşi sentimente faţă de România. Relaţiile dintre România şi SUA nu vor fi la fel de calde şi de apropiate ca în cazul administraţiei Bush. (…) Preşedintele Bush a avut o relaţie specială cu Europa de Est şi cu România în mod special, pentru că ţara dumneavoastră a sprijinit politica americană în Irak, în Afganistan.”.
Cu toate acestea, Alfred Moses susţine că România este în continuare bine văzută în Statele Unite atât de democraţi cât şi de republicani.
Antena 3 / 9 noiembrie 2008

Alfred Moses, supranumit tatuka lui Mircea Geoana, presedinte de onoare al Comitetului Evreiesc American si donator al democratilor sprijina, dupa cum se vede din editorialul sau de mai jos, o relatie profunda intre Obama si Israel. Alti democrati contesta sinceritatea lui Obama, si sustin, la, ca noul presedinte ales al Americii minte. La fel, ramane de vazut… In tot cazul, la prima sa aparitie publica dupa alegeri, Obama a avut o declaratie in favoarea Israelului vizavi de dreptul Iranului de a-si dezvolta programul nuclear civil.

Barack Obama Is A Friend of Israel

By Alfred Moses
Despite the ringing endorsement of Senator Barack Obama by Jewish colleagues in the Congress and ardent Jewish supporters in his home state of Illinois, the rumor mill does not stop churning out the spurious accusation that the presidential candidate is no friend of Israel (“Internal Memo Takes On Obama’s Mideast Approach,” January 23). The character assassins could not care less about accuracy; their aim is to sow doubt through insidious appeals to voters’ sensitivities — and for Jews, this means Israel.
Last month, an internal memorandum written by a staffer at the American Jewish Committee, of which I am honorary president, was leaked to the Forward. The memorandum claims that Obama had called on Israel “to take risks for peace.”
If true — and the staffer did not cite sources — these are the exact words used by President Bush when he visited Israel last month. They are also the same words repeated by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert before, during and since Bush’s visit.
The staffer’s allegation that Obama has changed course in his views on Iran are equally vacuous. Listen to his words: “The world must work to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment program and prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It is far too dangerous to have nuclear weapons in the hands of a radical theocracy. And while we should take no option, including military action, off the table, sustained and aggressive diplomacy combined with tough sanctions should be our primary means to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.”
As far as I know, none of the presidential candidates, Republican or Democrat, is saying anything different.
Obama’s position on Hamas, which the AJ Committee staffer also questions without any reference to statements by the senator, has been equally strong: “We must maintain the isolation of Hamas. To end the isolation, Hamas must first recognize Israel’s right to exist; renounce the use of violence; and abide by past agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”
Here, again, Obama is in step with Israel’s leadership. None of Israel’s supporters is saying anything different.
The AJ Committee has since apologized to the Obama campaign for “any inaccuracies that the memorandum might have contained,” explaining that it was prepared “on a tight deadline immediately after the Iowa caucuses.”
Let there be no mistake: Obama is a friend of Israel. Everything he has said and done in his private life and in a decade of public service confirms his deep commitment to the security and well being of the Jewish state.
Alfred Moses

Honorary President
American Jewish Committee
Washington, D.C.
February 1, 2008

Daca vreti, cititi despre povestea de dragoste a lui Alfred Moses la 76 plus de ani, aici:

“(…)That was in September, on a 10-day walking tour in Italy, and Ms. Schad was bowled over by Mr. Moses’s attention, said Abigail Schoff, her roommate on the trip. “She went from being a 60-something woman to being a teenager,” Ms. Schoff said.
In October, Ms. Schad and Mr. Moses began traveling together, first to Istanbul, where Mr. Moses donated a Torah for the rededication of the Neve Shalom Synagogue, which had been bombed by terrorists in 2003.
“Turkey was a revelation,” Ms. Schad said. “He was really a person of intellectual substance.” A month later they went to Romania, where they had lunch with the president at the time, Ion Iliescu, and then stole away for an overnight in the countryside. (…)”

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