Obama ales presedinte de Ziua Unitatii Rusiei. McCain si-a recunoscut infrangerea la 6.16 ora Romaniei. VIDEO: cine va conduce de fapt America

Ce va fi va fi…
Urmariti cu atentie interviul BBC cu Zbigniew Brzezinski, unul dintre “vulturii”, plesuvi si hulpavi, care vor sta pe umerii lui Obama.

Stephen Sackur with Zbigniew Brzezinski

In a HARDtalk programme broadcast on 14th October, Stephen Sackur talks to the former US National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Click here to watch the full interview
Opinion polls show that the world beyond America’s borders overwhelmingly wants Barack Obama to win the Presidential election.
But does he have the experience and insight to make a real difference to America’s foreign policy?
Zbigniew Brzezinski was National Security Adviser to President Carter and a sometime adviser to the Obama campaign.
Will Obama set America on a different course?
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The Power of the Global Elite

Hardtalk discussionIn a HARDtalk programme broadcast on 29 October, Stephen Sackur talks to David Rothkopf & Jonathan Aitken about the growing power of the global elite.
Click here to watch the full interview
The global economy has been rocked by financial crisis … from the US, to Iceland and Pakistan the limited power of parliaments and politicians has been exposed.
Our guests discuss the power and influence of the international select group, operating alongside the traditional power structures, who are remaking the modern world through their roots in business, finance and the media.
Stephen Sackur asks “is it time we challenged the power of the global elite?”

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Sosesc rusii. Cu bani The Russians are coming. With cash
Guvernul Rusiei sta pe o baterie imensa de bani pe care planuieste sa ii investeasca in activele straine. Imaginea muschilor sai economici a iesit la iveala de curand, cand prim-ministrul Islandei a anuntat ca Rusia ar putea ajuta cu cinci miliarde de dolari economia islandeza aflata in criza. Cine s-ar fi gandit ca, data fiind situatia haotica a Rusiei anilor ’90, doar dupa zece ani de la acel moment va ajunge in postura de a ajuta financiar o tara dezvoltata?
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