Profesorul Florin Constantiniu despre protestele din Romania. VIDEO Ziaristi Online

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  1. Singura solutie says:


    The first and simplest of these feature is called cancelling: Voters may cancel any candidates they don’t like on the list of there preferred party. While this does not change the weight of the vote for the party as such, it will be used to determine which candidate(s) of this party will actually get the seat. This feature helps to eliminate extreme candidates that may be good at influencing decision makers in their party, while having problems to convince even a majority of the party’s followers.


    Though the refined proportional election system used in Switzerland may look a little bit complicated at first sight, long-term experience shows that voters are able to express their political will quite precisely using this system and there is no higher degree of invalid ballots than in other election systems. The Swiss system combines the advantages of both the proportional and the majority election system while avoiding their major shortcomings. In most cases those candidates that really convince the electorate have will get elected, while in other systems, even in the majority election system, internal party considerations have more influence.
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