FULMINANT: Cum il apara Wesley Clark pe George Soros pentru “marile lui realizari” din Europa de Est. VIDEO. Soros a contribuit la campania lui Clark si l-a introdus in International Crises Group, BNK Petroleum si Guvernul Ponta

Cum il apara Wesley Clark pe George Soros de ZiaristiOnlineTV

INFO: O alta fata a generalului Wesley Clark: membru in boardul BNK Petroleum, o companiei manipulata de George Soros 

Surse despre instalarea lui Wesley Clark la Palatul Victoria: Daca Ungureanu ramanea, tot consilier ajungea 🙂

Wesley Clark despre George Soros: “George Soros is sounding the alarm for the American people. Few people in the United States understand better than George Soros the risks to America’s world leadership of this administration’s foreign policy. I am very pleased to stand with him today to support his work.” –  Sursa: www.georgesoros.com

Cititi si:  O dovada circumstantiala ca Ponta s-a intalnit cu Soros in SUA. Dupa “blocarea” proiectului Rosia Montana, nominalizarea ca “Tanar Lider al Lumii”

Alta dovada ca Ponta s-a intalnit cu Soros in SUA. Dupa blocarea proiectului Rosia Montana, seful PSD cere “autonomie pentru Transilvania”

Premierul Victor Ponta “lupta cu Rosia Montana alaturi de simpaticul Mircea Toma de foarte mult timp”. Curtea de Apel Alba Iulia da dreptate Companiei. VIDEO

Despre contributia la campania lui Clark, The New York Sun:

Billionaire Soros Gives Financial Boost to General Clark

A billionaire investor who spent more than $25 million to defeat President Bush in 2004, George Soros, is giving a financial boost to the political fortunes of a former four-star general, Wesley Clark, who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 and is poised to mount another bid in 2008.

Mr. Soros gave $75,000 in July to a political group led by General Clark, Wes-Pac, according to a report filed yesterday with the Internal Revenue Service.

It is the largest known gift from Mr. Soros this year to a political organization affiliated with a contender for the presidency in 2008.

Spokesmen for the two men did not return calls last night seeking comment on the donation.

In April, Mr. Soros hosted a fund-raiser for WesPac at his home in Manhattan. General Clark also serves on the board of a nongovernmental organization supported by Mr. Soros, the International Crisis Group.

Last year, Mr. Soros gave the legal maximum of $4,200 to Senator Clinton’s re-election campaign.

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