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Scrisoarea Președintelui Georgiei, ES Giorgi Margvelashvili, adresată jurnalistului Victor Roncea la 10 ani de la agresiunea Rusiei asupra Georgiei


Mr. Victor Roncea

Independent Journalist


Tbilisi, August, 2018


Dear Mr. Roncea,


Ten years have passed since Georgia become victim of direct military aggression from the Russian Federation. Consolidated efforts and firm support of our friends, government officials and civil societies have saved my country.

In that critical period, your devotion and contribution by covering ongoing developments to acknowledge truth to the entire world was remarkable. Georgian people highly value your outstanding role and accuracy in those complicated and sensitive processes. Let me extend my gratitude for your certainity and firm position as well as for your exceptional demonstration of solidarity that was essentially important for Georgia.

Today, our unity is vital; we still witness hybrid threats as a major challenge to the international community. Considering our changeable environment, I sincerely believe that your future activities will once again play crucial role for peace, welfare and prosperity.




Giorgi Margvelashvili


Mulțumesc în mod deosebit Președintelui Georgiei, Excelenței Sale, Giorgi Margvelashvili, și celor care ne-au înmânat personal la București acest document extrem de onorant, respectiv șeful Administrației Prezidențiale, Georgi Abashishvili, geopoliticianul Tengiz Pkhaladze, șeful consilierilor prezidențiali pe politică externă și ambasadorul georgian la Bucuresti, ES Nikoloz Nikolozishvili.

Victor Roncea

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili to Romanian Journalist Victor Roncea

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