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Lucian Boia în Arhivele SIE și CNSAS. De la DIE și CIE la GDS și 22. Pagina 2 de pe Lista cu “Brigadierii Securității” vs volumul 2 din “Cum am trecut prin comunism”. Dilema lui Liiceanu la Humanitas

Volumul 2 din cartea de povești științifico-fantastice “Cum am trecut prin comunism” a autorului de romane de ficțiune Lucian Boia se pare că a fost deja tipărit. Volumul 1 se oprește la intrarea tânărului viitor propagandist comunist în partid și studenție. Oare ce o să facă Liiceanu acum cu al doilea volum livrat sub forma unei biografii care menține opera lui Lucian Boia la numitorul ei comun: falsificarea?

Dan Andronic are trei variante pentru patronul Humanitas și revista 22 a GDS.

Detalii și documentele, mai jos, din Evenimentul Istoric:

EXCLUSIV: Stenogramele Colegiului CNSAS în cazul atacului GDS la Ioan Aurel Pop: „S-au furat documente din Arhivă!”. Cazul BOIA și SECURITATEA: Cum a ajuns Lucian Boia de la DIE și CIE la SIE și CNSAS

Adevărata identitate a lui Lucian Boia: agent ceaușist pe spațiul extern. Boia, Ceaușescu, Occidentul, Partidul Comunist și Securitatea. Documente și dezvăluiri fulminante în România liberă

EvZ: O pagină „pierdută” dintr-un dosar al CIE se transformă într-o bombă: Istoricul Lucian Boia apare pe lista „Brigadierilor Securității”

RL: Cazul Boia și Securitatea ar trebui să intre în atenția Comisiei de Control SIE

Sursa Doc: CNSAS via Roncea.Ro

CIA a sprijinit studentii si preotii ortodocsi din Romania

“Jurnalul National” titreaza, vineri, 8 februarie: “Băsescu, omul Statelor Unite”
intr-un articol scris de Gabi Golea (
ANALIZÅ ● Istoria unei campanii electorale
“Un expert francez în serviciile de informaţii americane susţine, într-un interviu publicat vineri, 1 februarie, de ziarul Izvestia, că Traian Băsescu a fost candidatul sprijinit de SUA în alegerile prezidenţiale din 2004”. Misto! Expertul e Catherine Durandin. Am gasit articolul original prin amabilitatea colegei mele – a mai mica – si cu putin ajutor l-am trecut printr-un program de traducere automata. Il prezint asa, in forma nefinisata, pentru cine e interesat. Atentie pe preotii ortodocsi si pe studenti!

The expert{auditeur} on American special services Katrin Dyuranden:

“Gorbachev was afraid to speak seriously with Bush about Germany “

by Oleg Shevtsov
What is CIA – the tool of imperial politics or the effective mechanism in struggle for freedom of democracy? Êàòðèí Äþðàíäåí, the professor of the Parisian Institute of the international and strategic researches and the author of the sensational books ” Bush’s Dynasty “, ” CIA on war ” and ” CIA – five years in anger “, slightly opens secrets of the American special services, shares data known to it{her} on a hidden circumstance of “velvet” revolutions. With it{her} the Parisian correspondent of “News” Oleg Shevtsov talked.
Question: Why CIA has appeared in deep crisis, having missed on September, 11th?
The answer: All fault have assigned to investigation and Georges Teneta as its{her} director. However Georges Bush’s administration has not lead then personnel cleanings. In fact the top of CIA has agreed to divide{undresse} with the White house the responsibility for preparation and the beginning of operation in Iraq. The basic arguments in favour of intervention – the information on presence at Saddam Hussein of the weapon of mass destruction and data on presence “Àëü-Êàèäû” in Iraq – with a serious stretch have been included by CIA in the report to the congress. But it was soon found out: the given data – “linden”. It became one more impact on reputation of CIA: many brilliant employees, first of all representatives of intellectual elite, have submitted to resignation.
Q: But in fact CIA not for the first time tries to affect{influence} the decision of the country leaders, manipulating conclusions?
A: That’s just the point, that CIA after September, 11th was completely under the control of administration. And under its{her} order has forged data, it is artificial forcing conditions around of Iraq and giving “terrible” arguments for the beginning military actions. As a result the report cost resignations to state secretary Colin Powell who at George Tenet’s stood at it{him} behind a back presence, has publicly declared{announced} presence in Iraq of the weapon of mass destruction. At Bush-younger the role of CIA has been shown to the decision of momentary problems{tasks}, and it any more does not conduct independent tracking of world{global} conditions.
Q: In the work you use original documents of CIA from which the security classification is removed{taken off}…
A: The matter is that earlier I studied{investigated} CIA in the historical plan. I could work in American ñïåöàðõèâàõ. Here I got acquainted with the file about operations of CIA of the last years. I have a solid set of documents which testify to application by employees of the American investigation in 1950th years of narcotic ËÑÄ and tortures at interrogations. And at last, me documents on preparation öýðýóøíèêàìè Gorbachev and Bush-senior meetings at the summit on Malta in 1989 have got.
Q: Also what there was?
A: Gorbachev met Bush by the military ship, and at this time there was a terrible storm. Now I have a full confidence, that your president was absolutely not ready to this summit. Cardinally important event for Soviet Union was discussed: association of Germany. Gorbachev should achieve, that it{she} became neutral. But it{he} has underestimated the partner on negotiations: Bush-senior and the chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl have already agreed – the incorporated Germany will be included into NATO.
This historical meeting prepared Ãîñäåïîì the USA and, naturally, investigation. The basic emphasis – on a theme of human rights. Infinite lists of persons{faces} which wished to leave the USSR there appeared, sat in camps. There was even a list of the Soviet brides, unsuccessfully tried to marry foreigners. And Bush spoke, insisted, pressed, not stopping. Yes so, that polite Gorbachev during any moment has not sustained: ” But you do not have monopoly for human rights! ” But it has not confused Bush, and it{he} continued to show these lists, not giving{allowing} the Soviet president and a mouth to open. The purpose – ” to not allow to start talking about a neutrality of Germans ” – it has been reached{achieved}.
Q: Eventually Gorbachev has surrendered?
A: it seems to Me, it{he} has begun to panic. On it, actually, also there was a calculation of CIA. In Moscow at that time, in the end of 1989, there was uneasy conditions for Gorbachev. And up to the final decision of a German question remains three weeks. And calculation ðàçâåäóïðàâëåíèÿ, secretary general who has well studied{investigated} character, was under construction that it{he} has been exhausted psychologically and it{he} simply will not have hardness to resist to pressure of the West. Most of all Gorbachev’s to act Francois Mitterand was surprised: it{he} has called back to Bush and has told, that the Soviet leader could not on such agree in any way.
Q: But it is primary in Gorbachev’s intentions did not enter “to hand over” Germany?
A: I have certificates: even leaders of the Western Europe did not expect, that events will develop so quickly. In my opinion, it is the tragical moment in history of the USSR.
Q: you think, what it was possible to force to sign Bush any obligations from NATO?
A: Probably. It is clear, why Russian consider{count}, that them then have deceived. In fact there was an oral arrangement to not place the weapon in territory of former GDR, however about it{her} at once have forgotten. Sharp expansion of NATO has provoked the subsequent collapse{landslide} to the east, ended crash of the Union. If all went more systematically instead of how have arranged the USA, painful{unhealthy} cataclysms in the East Europe would manage to be avoided.
Q: In your books about CIA it is spoken about recruitment by Americans of priests in âîñòî÷íîåâðîïåéñêèõ the countries…
A: I have learned{have found out} This information in 1992 from the interlocutor from the American embassy in Bucharest. It{he} has boasted, that during “democratization” of Romania the American special services operated{worked} through ïîëêîâûõ priests. Investigation had special programs for orthodox fathers in armies. Them instructed how correctly to adjust{set up} flock, to prevent ” blind obedience ” the soldier to unconstitutional orders.
I have been amazed{struck}, how Americans have dexterously guessed to get into the closed environment of Armed forces ×àóøåñêó which then were formed on the basis of a compulsory military service. I do not have data about number of the enlisted{recruited} priests. But the idea has seemed to me extremely original.
Q: When you have started to work with documents of CIA?
A: It is connected with research work across Romania. Studying{investigating} a decline of dictator Chaushesku, I have collided{faced} with very strange facts. For example, Minister of Defence Mircha Pashku was trained in the USA in 1988. And the ambassador of Romania at the United Nations I met earlier in other quality – as the owner of the grant of one American centre of science. Me other members of the “democratic” Romanian government generated after overthrow of a mode have interested also all. It was found out, that the American proteges in it{him} – the majority.
Q: That is the new political elite of Romania almost has not with its full complement passed{has not with its full complement taken place} special training in the USA?
A: Well, maybe, not preparation, but with all from them contact in advance has been come into. And they received instructions is precisely. The policy{politics} of “openness” enabled the USA to form a ruling clique at own discretion. If to take Romania, Bulgaria, even Hungary and to look, that today’s ministers and leading politicians{policies; politics} till 1990th years you receive a curious picture did{made}. Someone has necessarily visited long business trip in the USA, someone has passed{has taken place} the American rates of management under special programs. It was competent work of investigation on selection of the necessary people in the East Europe. Not clearly, why the same is impossible to Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Q: Whom, in your opinion, CIA feels itself – as the tool of imperial politics or the fighter for freedom?
A: For empire “solidity” in realization of the strategic purposes is characteristic. And in the USA it{this} is not present. There different lobbies, opposition, democrats… The Majority of people in CIA with which I communicated, is well ìîòèâèðîâàííûå professionals, for which national interests of the USA above all. Many really trust, that they release{exempt} people from tyranny and dictatorships. Those who feels itself “Ðýìáî”, playing secret wars and plots, least. But business also that problems{tasks} before investigation put financial circles and a military-industrial complex.
Q: And secret currents inside of CIA are?
A: Now inside of investigation there are the parallel structures which are carrying out the certain order. The most disturbing: in operations and special operations “experts{auditeurs}” from practically not private{individual} structures under control to executive authority are used. At deficiency of trust to the government, at absence of the clear purposes war it becomes frequent “dirty”. Bigwigs of the organized crime interfere With it{her}, íàðêîäåëüöû, dealers the weapon – as we see it both in Afghanistan, and in Kosovo.
Q: What do you think of “color” revolutions in territory of the formerUSSR? It too firm ïîñòóïü democracies or the technique tested in the East Europe?
A: As has shown the analysis of events of December, 2004 in Romania, export of revolution can be successful only when there is an internal demand. Change of president Iliesku with the American candidate -Traian Basescu, has passed{has taken place} on hurrah. Those parties{sets}, groups, student’s movements which advanced it{him}, really leaned{based} on the USA. Áýñåñêó till now it is popular in Romania. Yes, really, all Americans have organized. Financing because of ocean went mainly on the organization of student’s demonstrations. I not so well know a situation in Ukraine and in Georgia, but imposing “help” from the outside is usual gives{allows} result if there are objective preconditions. And if they are not present….

the script varies – and the result can be unexpected.

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